About Us

About High Finery

My name is Terrance “TD” Goodloe II, and I am the founder and owner of the High Finery (HIFI) lifestyle brand. I am currently an aspiring master watchmaker but not to make other watches but to make my own production of High Finery watches. I have a team of wonderful watchmakers who provide their keen skill in expediting mass orders of my watches. I am also a mortgage loan originator in which I have been licensed since 2019. That just means that I talk to homeowners from all over the country on the phone and help them lower their mortgage payment or help them cash out their home equity. I enjoy that as well because I am at natural conversationalist, but it is not my vision of what I imagined doing beforehand.

I joined the United States Air Force at the age of 19 back in 2010. My trade was a Crew Chief (aircraft maintenance) for huge cargo aircraft like the C-17, C-5, and KC-10. I got out after 7 years on honorable discharge. My last 2 years of my enlistment I was living in Tokyo, Japan but I was ready to get out at that time to explore the private sector. I knew I wasn’t too sure on what I wanted to do with my life at the time, but I knew I needed a change. I read books about investing and business, then I took that information to make my own investment portfolio and invested in several companies domestic and internationally. Not only did I make a large return on my investments within those 2 years, but those books gave me some great insight of where I needed to be in my life.

After being in Japan for 2 years and being isolated from family and friends I was able to go back to the United States but this time I decided to be a reservist for the remainder of my enlistment. My plan was to come to the city where I settled here in Dallas, TX and become financial advisor. That felt like something I could do, and I can learn how to communicate with a customer as a salesman. That opportunity just wasn’t looking for me at that time and trust me, I tried. I came across a job as car salesman and it was a great decision. I learned that getting paid just commission is my preference because they just want you to do what you are good at which is sales and if you get your sales numbers for the month then you are your own boss pretty much. I knew that being my own boss is my type of lifestyle, so I became determined to sell cars but not just cars. I was determined to become my own boss independently.  

After about a year of working at the car dealership selling cars like candy bars, I my vision was complete I just needed to execute my idea. I like to sell high priced items, but I do not have the land nor desire to sell cars independently. Then I thought, what could I sell that can be just as valuable as a car but not as big and not as hard to maintain? I glanced at my wrist where I wore a nice fashion watch, and I found my answer. Watches! Yes, that’s my lane. I just needed to figure how I can sell my own watches. At the time I thought it was a genius idea and I still do.

I named my company High Finery because I want to sell watches that show quality at a high level. Not flashy or gaudy just high quality and style. Finery means expensive decoration or clothing but since I’m a one-man operation I will keep my prices competitive to the market. My logo, the symbol of growth is something that will remind the customer to progress and elevate to your goal whatever that may be. My mission is to use High Finery to tell anyone who has a vision to succeed like me to go for it. Find your purpose and follow our passion and you will be successful. Your time is coming and your time on your wrist is your symbol of success.