About Us

About High Finery

My name is Terrance “TD” Goodloe II, and I am the founder and owner of the High Finery (HIFI) America’s first Watch & Lifestyle brand. I named my company High Finery because I want to sell watches that show quality at a high level. Not flashy or gaudy just high quality and style. Finery means expensive decoration or clothing but since I’m a one-man operation I will keep my prices competitive to the market. My logo, the symbol of growth is something that will remind the customer to progress and elevate to your goal whatever that may be. My mission is to use High Finery to tell anyone who has a vision to succeed like me to go for it. Find your purpose and follow our passion and you will be successful. Your time is coming and your timepiece on your wrist is your symbol of success. I believe that most people must have a purpose or passion in their life. They believe that they can be who they want to be, and they are not truly happy until they become that. That feeling is what I feel when it comes to building High Finery into the #1 new lifestyle brand. I want to use my brand to motivate that person who has found their purpose and working towards their goal. I want to give the best quality of watches and lifestyle products and show how much I care about my customer base.